Disc Golf

Clearwater Disc Golf

The Clearwater disc golf course is open to everyone free of charge, just show up with your discs and enjoy yourself.

Bulletin Board 
There are discs for sale at Bigfoot Trading Co.. You can also contact Dennis at 250.674.8461 or Christine at 778-208-5266  

Course Etiquette

  • Whatever you take in, you take out.
  • Trees, including branches, are part of the course; do not break or remove any vegetation.
  • Forest fires are a serious concern in the dry season, so use extreme care while you are on the course.
  • If a group of players is faster than your group, let them go ahead of you.
  • If there is a group behind you, clear the basket area ASAP after you finish your put.
  • Make sure that everyone within striking distance is aware that you are throwing, so nobody gets hurt.
  • In a nutshell, be respectful and considerate of other course users.

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Clearwater Disc Golf

Email: clearwaterdgc@gmail.com