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The Clearwater ski hill started as a tow rope operation in 1965. Over the years, it has grown  to a cozy family resort that includes a fast T-bar, runs for all abilities, and a spacious lodge. … read on.

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On behalf of the Clearwater Ski Hill Executive AND the entire North Thompson, we wish to extend deep appreciation to the Wells Gray Community Forest. They have generously approved our grant application that will see the lodge implement incredible upgrades including big investments into the T-bar and bunny hill!

We also want to extend appreciation to the Community Foundations (North Thompson Community Foundations) for the fabulous news! They have granted us funds to implement our 2020 / 2021 FREE TO BE & SKI program that will help support kids to ski for free this coming winter! Watch for details!!

AND THIS IS HOW WE ROLL.....this is the North Thompson Valley in action! We support one another and make things happen and we are GRATEFUL!

Please put your hands together and say AWESOME and help us extend our thanks to these wonderful sponsors! See you all on the slopes.....and yes, it us who are doing the snow dance!

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2 weeks ago

Clearwater Ski Hill

Thank you to CN Rail. We are very happy to receive $9,500 which will go towards ski hill and lodge upgrades. This is INCREDIBLE! We also wish to thank MLA Peter Milobar for his assistance. We are proud to be a CN Community and happy that they saw value in supporting the Clearwater Ski Hill!

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2 weeks ago

Clearwater Ski Hill


But first....a message from the President:

President Report 2020:
2020 was an incredible ski year!!
We truly had the most amazing ski season until COVID-19 hit us and we unfortunately had to close earlier for the season. The snow was perfect each time we opened until the last day. We managed to be open 55 days and if it would have been a ‘normal’ year we easily could of been open 14 more days. Directors, Manager, Volunteers, Liftee’s, Groomers, rental shack, kitchen staff, ski instructors and ski patrol all gave extraordinary amounts of time. We appreciate each and everyone for giving the community the gift of time and expertise. I would also like to extend a very special note of thanks to past director, Pete Barstow. We are currently involved in extensive upgrades to the T-bar and and Pete is always just one phone away and is very generous with his time and expertise. Upgrading the lift is an extensive project and one that will serve the community for a long time. Learning from Pete has been a true gift.

Other highlights from 2019/20 include the following:

We were able to host our annual small business dinner in December 2019, had some fondue nights and Mexican evening combined with many successful night skis. Our first Sparkle and Spirit Christmas Market was a success. We were able to host a couple weddings in the summer and lots more are booked for next year.

We also loved given the ski hill a logo by way of comfy T-shirts and super cool stickers.

While COVID has been challenging, it has given the club time to turn the attention to some upgrades and a bit of a face lift. We are doing a full paint job inside the lodge. We will also be purchasing a new stove, fryer and installing new carpet.

During the week of November 16th, Rigging Specialists will be coming to work on the lift line. Thanks to a generous donation of $15,000, we are able to purchase many necessary parts and T-bars.

Much of this work would not be possible without some significant grants. We would like to thank the following for their support:

$27,000 from Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association. This will be a big boost to us and we appreciate the support from Tourism Wells Gray and Stephanie Molina.

**BREAKING NEWS** $9500 from CN Rail

$1,000 from Interfor

We are also grateful to Bruce Leydon for his donation. If we didn't have wood to burn, our operational costs would be much higher. Thank you for thinking of the Ski Hill.

We also want to thank Wadlgger Logging and Construction, VOLK, Andrea Lamond of Clearwater BC Web Design and Hosting and KDC for their business support. This is just one chapter of our corporate support. We will be posting repeats of other generosity. The Ski Hill can't exist without community and business. Thank you for thinking of us!

On behalf of the club, we are looking forward to a really great ski season. I’m excited to see what the year 2020/2021 will bring and hoping for another epic snow year!! I am also very glad to have Aaron Murray back with us!

Please join me in welcoming our new directors and also raise a glass for Cory Jensen who is stepping down. It has been a pleasure working with you on the lift. You were a hero teaching me about the lift and giving so many week-ends to the hill. I’ll be thinking of you when doing firewood as you were always there every year.

THANK YOU to each and everyone for all you do for the ski hill, our little hill but the fastest T in the West 😊

Daniela Wiunig

**APPLAUSE FOR DANIELA** On behalf of the directors AND community, we wish to extend a special thank you to Daniela. The Ski Hill could be a full time job with the amount of time that she gives. She is too modest to say anything but without her, the progress on the lift and groomer would not be the same. She gets things done and always makes it a pleasure to work with her!! THANK YOU DANIELA!

In closing, we would like to introduce you to the 2020/21 Board of Directors. Thank you for stepping forward - you are AWESOME!

President: Daniela Wiunig
Vice President: Shelley Sim
Treasurer: Agneta Orum
Secretary: Alexis Pearce

Douglas Barill
Ben Bergeron
Tanya Chapman
Nelson Hindle
Amber Horne
Stephanie Molina
Kris Olson

Stay tuned for more updates!! And if there is more dumps of snow....blame us. We are SUPER KEEN!

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3 weeks ago

Clearwater Ski Hill

The Ski Hill is in the process of upgrading the lift line. The parts list is long and expensive BUT we are very grateful to INTERFOR and their generous donation! We appreciate that they thought of the Ski Hill!

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3 weeks ago

Clearwater Ski Hill

The Clearwater Ski Club is run by a fabulous group of volunteers and welcome any new directors! Please feel free to message us if you have any questions. ...

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